Valentines Day Hole In One

While golfing with three of my girlfriends on Valentines day I got a hole in one on #14 at Stonecrest Country Club in Summerfield, FL. The uncanny thing was, on hole #11 I came very close to a hole in one. I mentioned to my cart partner that a hole in one is 20% skill, 80% luck! Hole #14 is an uphill par three. Even though it only measured 89 yards, there was a brisk wind in my face. Normally I would choose a 9 iron, but decided to use one more club for the wind and back up the allowed 2 club lengths. I took my swing and we all watched as the ball landed perfectly in line with the hole, bounced twice and slowly rolled into the cup.

We screamed so loudly that the neighbors came out of their houses to check out all the commotion. It was great to actually see the ball roll into the hole. My previous 2 holes in one were on sloped greens so I didn't know they were in the hole till I got to the green. This was my best Valentines day EVER!

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