That day at Pinetuck

I just got in from out of town and rode over to Pinetuck. I was paired with Max, Shaun & Jody. We started on the back and by the time we got to #9 it was dust dark. I hit a solid 6 iron. I seen the ball bounce once and disapeer. Max said it went in the hole. I thought it was over the green.
As we appraoched the green, we didn't see a ball. I started to the back of the green, then Max yelled "here it is" and picked it up out of the hole.
That was my regret, that I didn't get to pick it up out of the hole.
We started high fiving & I screamed. Needless to say, I had a few adult Bevs that night.
I have been playing Titleist Prov1's ever since they came out & will not play another ball!

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