Blind Ace

Blind Ace

I stepped into the box knowing the green was over the hill to my right. The fairway doglegged around a very tight hilly area on this 281 yard Par 4. Normally I lay up and pitch to the green on this hole, but I was 4 strokes behind my good friend. He hit his drive safe and was in good position to make another par. I decided to take a chance. Being that I have only been playing for 11 months, I am rather inconsistent. Since acquiring my Titleist 909D Comp, I have found more confidence off the tee. I took my shot and watched my ball just graze the top of the hill blocking our view of the green.

It felt good off the tee and I knew it would run. On the other side, stood a recently punched green surrounded by water on 3 sides. I approached on foot. As I headed to the green to find my ball, the foursome playing ahead of us celebrated screaming that the last shot rolled into the cup. I looked at my brother in disbelief as we decided to run towards the hole. Sure enough, my Titleist NXT Tour ball sat at the bottom of the cup hugging the pin. At that moment, I felt like I had just won the US Open. I celebrated with my father, brother, friend, and 4 total strangers. I managed to settle down and get a quick picture before finishing the round. I ended up losing the round to my buddy by 3 strokes...but I accomplished something so breathtaking, I'll never forget it. The scorecard hadn't mattered from that point on. The clubhouse was buzzing about it when I arrived. The only thing that could have made the moment better was to watch the ball roll into the cup myself. For me, a 1 year rookie at 33 years of age, I'll settle for the second hand account of the strangers playing ahead of us. This accomplishment validated my decision to play Titleist balls. I wouldn't be caught playing any other kind of ball. You can say the same for my trusty Titleist driver as well! I may never get my handicap where I want it, but in the eyes of the men that witnessed my blind Ace, I will forever be, a legend.

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