Caleb Hunt My Hole In One

My Hole in one? it was an awesome experience while at the same time a very surprising experience. I was teeing off on the par 3 6th at Flagg Springs Golf Course playing a practice round. i was looking for a way to bounce back after a bogey on the difficult par 5, 5th. I teed off using a pitching wedge from what the scorecard said was 138. But the green was higher level than the tee box and the wind was to my back. i was hitting the ball great that day so I wanted to hit a solid pitching wedge.. and apparently it worked out! there was a grounds crewman mowing the rough around the green, and I know its not polite to hit while their mowing around greens, but he ended up being the most important part to my story. I thought I hit my shot solid. but not enough to get to the hole. as I walk to the green he turns off his mower and sits there with his arms crossed as I make my way up the hill. what i thought was going to be a comment as to why I was hitting towards him while he was mowing, ended coming out as "Young Man, Congratulations." "congratulations on what? almost Killing you?" I thought. but as he finished his sentence he walked me towards the cup and sure enough.. there was probably the most beautiful Pro V1x I've ever seen. as joy over whelmed me i began to shake in excitement. I couldn't imagine my reaction if I would have seen it myself. but thanks to Titleist and Pro V1x.. i got the best results out of my spectacular shot.. which I will be able to share as a memory for many years to come.

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