A Lucky Winter Day

I began playing golf in October 2010 and now at age sixty I am thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to playing at every opportunity. My very good friend and Sunday School teacher Jerry Hogge has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to me just as he has for all of the PGM students at my alma mater Methodist University. After meeting some of the Methodist PGM students and seeing their passion for the program, I am confident that the golf industry will remain in good hands.

After church on Sunday February 10th three of my golf partners and I decided to spend the afternoon at Kings Grant, a local club partially owned by Methodist University. We had finished the first ten holes and were coming up to the par three number eleven. There is a waste area in the front, a ditch on the left and bunkers on the right and in the back of the green. Being an older guy that is not as limber as I once was, not hitting the ball at great distances, and a relative new golfer, I had been playing it forward to the gold tees. The yardage that day was 125 yards and a yardage that I was fairly comfortable with due to the fact that I have a pretty big back yard and hit practice shots several times a week at that distance when I am not playing. I hit a brand new Titleist on the left side of the green and we all watched as the ball rolled right up to the hole and dropped in. It was a moment that I will always remember and I am thankful that Titleist played a key role in it by making such a consistent and quality golf ball. Now I have on my desk a Titleist golf ball that has only been struck by a golf club one time as a reminder of that day.

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