Master Sunday Hole In One

Master Sunday Hole In One

After feeling pretty good with myself, after a 2 putt par on the Par 5 #10 at Capitol City Golf Club on Sunday, May 14, 2013, I stepped up to #11. It was playing 146 yds to the pin. I pulled out my 8 iron and stepped to the box. My uncle asked me my score and he wrote it on the card as I took my swing. It was a nice three quarter swing and good contact.

The ball took off with a slight draw and as I was watching, I slowly started walking backwards. The ball bounced about 15 feet in front of the pin slighlty off to the right. It took a short hop and curled from right to left. My playing partners began to talk to it and BOOM it dropped. My arms went up and club went flying.

3 other groups on adjacent holes celebrated along with us. It was a great feeling and one I will never forget. It might not be a Green Jacket in the end but at least I have a Master's Sunday story for the ages!!

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