Exciting day at Royal lakes

The saturday morning started like all others with our MGA group joking around on the practice green. I was taking a little more ribbing then normal based on the fact I had just returned from a golf trip that included two rounds of golf at Secession Golf Club in Beaufort SC, a round at Harbour Town Golf Links at Hilton Head Island SC, and a day at the practice rounds of the Masters. I was wearing a brand new 2013 Masters hat on 4/13/13, notice the "13" trend. The round went along as normal until reaching the 16th. With a little breeze in our face, I decided on a PW for the 130 yard downhill shot. The shot came off perfect with a little draw,two bounces, and a gentle roll into the hole. We proceeded to go crazy on the tee box. Our noise was heard by the group on the 15th green. As we proceeded to the 17th tee box, i was shocked to hear the same kind of excitement we had displayed back on the 16th tee again. I was told later that the group was discussing what would happen in our "game" if someone else were to make a hole in one on the same day. The first person to hit proceeded to do so. The day ended in the 19th hole with drinks, and a lot of laughter. I later found out from Daivd Duby (the other person to hit the hole in one) that it was his 4th as it was my as well. A little more coincidence. On my way home that afternoon, I decided to purchase a Power Ball lottery ticket based on my "lucky day." Much to my surprise, the random number ticket I purchased had the number "1" as the Power Ball number. I am sorry to say I DID NOT win the Power Ball lottery but it was still a very special and exciting day at Royal Lakes.

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