My first hole in one

Yesterday I went out to play for the first time since October. I normally play golf regularly during the Summer, but I am a college student and that took up most of my time for the past few months. I went out to get some practice in on The Little Course at The Tennessee Golf House, part of Vanderbilt's Legends Club. The Little Course is a nine hole, all par three course. I have played golf my whole life, and even interned for a putter company last summer here in Franklin, TN. Given the fact, every golfer is a little nervous the first time going out after a long span of not playing. On the first two holes I hit pretty good tee shots into the green, but it was very windy and my ball was landing a little farther than I wanted, and rolling to the back of the green, causing long birdie putts. I decided to take a little off this swing on the third tee, and maybe even play it a little low. (As low as you can with a Sand wedge) The pin was on the back, about 130 yards away. I hit it a little lower than I wanted to, but the ball just kept rolling. It rolled up on the green, to the back of the green, and all of the sudden, I did not see the ball anymore. I turned around to my two fraternity brothers I was playing with and asked "Did that go in?" At that time a dad, waiting on his son to finish with a junior clinic ran up to me and wondered why I wasn't acting excited and going crazy. He said he had been sitting near the green and saw it drop in. I was speechless. I had no idea what to do. My dad has been a scratch golfer for most of my life, won countless local tournaments, even qualified third for the Tennessee State Ameteur one year. He could've done a lot in the golf world, but even though he still plays regularly, spends most of his time with his favorite passion of saltwater fishing. None the less, he is 49 years old and does not have an ace. I sat there on the third hole at 20, and had mine. I'm no college golfer. I love the game, and love to play it, but I have no great accomplishments to share in golf. This is one i'll never forget. I had to call my dad over the phone to tell him. He lives in Florida, while I live and go to school here in Nashville. All the way from Florida I could feel how proud he was. That conversation is something I will never forget.

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