My Second Ace

It was a windy day, a very windy day. I was on the back nine, and was in a close match with one of my buddies. I was right in between clubs. I remembered the words of my grandfather, when you are in between clubs, always take the higher club. its better to get there and give it a chance than to leave it short. I took the 8 from 160 up hill into the wind. I struck it, and it was crisp. It was going right at the stick. when it disappeared because of the elevated green, I seen the flag shake. I knew I had hit the pin, and figured that it would be 10 feet. A typical golfers move. When I got up to the hole, to my amazement, I had slammed it right in the hole. It was incredible. The divot from the ball had completely broken down the lip of the cup. I put the ball in my bag and claimed my 2nd hole in one. It was a great day. I ended up winning the match as well. It was a good day. Thank you Titleist for my second ace. I knocked it in with a pro V1x number 7 with a pink dot!!!! #BEST BALL IN GOLF.

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