Monkey off my back

Monkey off my back

I have been playing golf for 16+ years, since I was 14. My Dad has 3 sons, a home-made foursome. He has 3 hole-in-Ones, my oldest brother has 3 as well and a year and a half ago the middle brother got his first! You can image the heckling I endured at every family function.....some how it ALWAYS came up around the family fire pit late night with a cigar and the occasional adult beverage. But not any more baby! The curse has been lifted and the monkey is finally off my back....

It was on the par 3 number 5 at Southbridge GC in Savannah, GA. I was playing in a industry scramble and was second to tee off. Hole was playing 164, a little up hill and I hit 7-iron. It was beautiful.....crisp clean strike, ball was tracking the hole like it had eyes, hit green, bounced once and then rolled about 3 feet to where it disappeared into its finally resting place and the crowd went wild! Drinks were on me of course and rightfully so, it was my honor to do so....

Winning prize on the hole for an ace was a new set of cally Irons, but I am a cursive guy, only Titleist for me! So I will be trading those in for a down payment on a new set of AP2's!!! Ironically enough, the hole in one prize on following par 3 was for 25k....I didn't care though, I only wanted the ACE!

FYI - it was with a Titleist CB690 7-iron and a Black Titleist 1, ProV1.

Nick Swanson

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