Cant believe I got a second one

Cant believe I got a second one

Par 3 the score card read 148 yards but this course is infamous for having off yardage so my buddy Richie pulled out his range finder and read it at 163 yards. So i pulled out 9 iron had a good swing but didn't get all of it the ball landed short of the green and took a huge hop towards the general direction of the hole all of a sudden the ball disappeared we all thought the ball rolled off the back except my friend Tyler sworn that he saw it fall. As we approached the green Tyler was looking on the backside of the green but with ball not in sight he approached the hole and sure enough there it sits in the bottom if the cup! I instantly started screaming and shaking didn't know what to think it was to so real definitely a moment I will never forget!!!

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  1. Richard S

    Well done, would have been brilliant to see the ball roll in!