Pete Simpsons First Ace and only so far

Pete Simpsons First Ace and only so far

Picture this; a beautiful, warm, sunlit day, standing on top of a hill looking down at a meticulously manicured green with the flag gently flapping in the breeze. A large pond in front of the green with trees to the left, behind and to the right as well as sand traps behind. It is 156 yards to the pin which is located front-left and is now in the shadows from the trees. You are playing for “greenies” with your golfing buds and one of them hits a beauty in there close and the chatter starts about getting inside of that. You pull your 9 iron out because it’s downhill and with the wind 156 yards. You make a smooth back-swing, all the big muscles are in time with all the little muscles, the down-swing is in perfect rhythm with the back-swing and you make solid contact with the ball as you release the club through the hitting zone then take a perfect divot after the ball. The ball leaves the tee headed straight for the pin in a beautiful high arc, a little white dot against a gorgeous blue sky. The ball lands on the green 18 inches behind the cup, bounces forward a couple of feet then spins and rolls back towards the pin. You can’t see where the ball stopped because of the shadows from the trees but everyone is sure it is in there tight. You get to the green and your ball is nowhere to be seen but there is a ball mark 18 inches behind the cup where it landed. With confidence you leave your putter in the bag because you are sure (well, maybe 90% sure) the ball is in the cup. You walk up to the cup and there she is in the bottom!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AN ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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