What a rush

We came up to the 14th hole, a 12 handicap par 3, after posting a double boggie on the 4-handicap, par 5, 13th hole. Baleful clouds on the horizon contributed to a decent tail wind. The hole has a 130+ yards carry over a lake and my partner asked about the distance. I played the hole so many times but after a couple of beers, I erronously called the distance as 156 yarrds to the center. My friend took a 7-iron and flew the green. We then reconsidered the yardage and a third fellow spotted a marker just in front of the blue tees marker as 144 yards. The flag was blue, at the back of the green, and with the good wind behind us, I selected my Titleist AP-1 8-Iron. I placed my Pro V1x on a broken tee, took a couple of swings, loaded up, and release it. It felt good and the ball´s trajectory looked good, flying to the right of the pin and straight. As soon as it crossed the edge of the lake, it started to draw towards the pin. My poor eyesight only got a slight shake of the pin and my partners started screaming: "It went in!!!". It was an unbelievably, awesome feeling. I was in shock when I walked on the green and I had to change my shorts after I saw my ball at the bottom of the cup!!!

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