My First Hole in One at Fifteen Years Old

My first hole in one had come at Clearbrook Golf Course. We had high school practice on 5/2/13 the day of the hole in one. I was playing with my friend Eric and we had walked up to the ninth and final hole of the day. It was a Par 3 playing 154 just tucked over the bunker on the right to a point where I couldn't see the cup. We got to the tee box and I teed my ball up and hit my 6 iron a draw that just bounced a yard or two just right of the pin and got a kick left off the slope and then disappeared. Eric was saying he thought it was in the hole! He hit his ball and we started running up to the green. When we reached the green we hadn't seen my ball and he said it was in the hole... I walked up to the cup and peeked my head over and their it was my Pro V1 staring me in the face. I picked it up out of the hole and Eric and I celebrated and were screaming and yelling on the green!

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  1. Deno

    Well done Jason!!