My Hole in One at 15 yrs old

It was me and three other guys that I was playing against for for competition at the Roncalli invite at Eagle Run. We had played 5 holes, not playing our bests but trying to get some low scores. And where walking up to Hole 6. I don't any of us expected much out of this hole. It was a Par 4 and had a yardage between 250 and 290. It was a down hill slope and you could barely see the green, and the flag we were unable to see.
A couple of the guys had teed off before me and then it was my turn. So I teed my ball up and set up to hit it and struck the ball. It went far and drawled toward the hole nicely and all of us could tell it had went close to the green, but weren't for sure where near the green.
When we were done teeing off we walked down the fareway looking for are balls. I see one on the fringe nicely, so I walk up to it thinking it was mine. But when I looked at more closely I figured out it was one of the other guys ball. One of the guys was going to help me find it. And another guy as we started looking jokingly said to check in the hole. And so I walked slowly up to the wondering and I look down in the hole and saw it sitting their by the pin and said "it in here" and one of the guys said "no way, seriously" because we were all in shock that it had actually happened. They all started giving me hi-fives. Even the other players of the invite congratulated me. At the end my coach was proud of me and my team.

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