Another check off my bucket list

It was Masters Sunday. After a long winter, golfers in upstate NY were eager to get out whenever possible. Spring just didn't want to arrive. But we are true golf nuts. It was mid 40's..breezy, felt like 30 degrees. My normal sunday group of 20 guys was down to just 12 guys. I had hit balls in my backyard when possible, and had started wearing a glove for the first time ever. That along with a tweak in my grip, I was hitting my irons great. We get to the 4th is up..wind is into us. I shoot it with the laser.. 137yds. Had the 7 iron, then went back for the 6. When i hit it.. I knew i hit it good. One bounce..rolled for 3 feet.. then in the hole!!!! My first ace. I had my first 300 bowling earlier this year. Working on my bucket list!!!!

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