First Ace

First Ace

It was the first day of our 2012 company golf league my partner and I were playing two of our old friends. As far as the weather, it was a bit cool and damp that afternoon. We started on #6 and after a couple pars and a bogey on #1 my competitor thought he was going to finish me off on the next four holes. Our team still had the honors so I teed off first. My laser range finder had the flag at 171yds so a 6iron wsa the weapon of choice that day. Made a good pass at the ball and we all watched it headding right on line with the hole. As I took my eye off the ball to looked down at the green and see where it landed, I lost it ball. Was it short, long, I didn't know. Someone said, "I think it went in the hole'. I said that's not funny, it must have been short. I go back to the cart and wait for the other three guys to hit .While sitting in the cart, I take my range finder out and look at the green and see what looks like a divot RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOLE! Now I'm getting REALLY NERVOUS. We finally get to the green and I don't see my ball. I gram a wedge and putter ans walk around the green 'cause I was afraid to look in the hole. Finally I get to the hole and there it is at the bottom of the cup. HOLY CRAP, my first hole in one. AWESOME! ! ! At the next tee box, I could barely stand upright to hit my drive so my partner said "why don't you just lay down for a moment and I'll hit first". So I di, I laid down just off to the side of the tee box and tried to collect myself. A par, par, par finish and league night #1 was over as was my firse recorded Hole In One. Of course it ended up costing about $100.00 at the bar after the round but what the heck, it was worth it.

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