First Hole in One Albatross - 22817

On Saturday 5/4/13, my brother-in-law and I played Harvest Hill in Orchard Park, NY. We were playing the Silver Tees since we are 60 and enjoy a little less distance. On No. 11, Par 4, 353 yards, the hole was open and there were 4 people on the green. The tees were moved up and were probably playing just under 300 yards. My brother in law (Dave) hit first, then I decided to hit after that, saying that there was no way I could drive the green again (I drove it the previous week). So I hit - we watched the ball go very high with a slight fade and then decided to yell "FOUR" a couple of times as it looked like it would get close to the golfers on the green. The golfers were finishing their putts, heard the FOUR and parted like the Red Sea and then we saw the ball go to the hole and the golfers pointed that the ball had gone in.

We raced to the No. 11 green and apologized for hitting into their foursome on the green and one player asked who hit the ball, and I said it was me - and I apologized several times. He said that he heard the FOUR and told the others to move since the ball had a good chance to go in the hole. He said my ball was in the cup and I walked over and there it was - a Pro-V1X with two red dots (my mark).

So a double eagle on No. 11 - on my deceased father's (who was an avid golfer) birthday. Wish he could have been there.

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