I was just hoping it would stay on the green

It was a great afternoon to play golf and I had not played in about a month and half. My job in the military only allows me to play a couple of times a year and the month of May is when I get all my rounds in. We were at a picnic and I asked my Father-In-Law if he would like to go out and play a late afternoon round of golf. Of course he agreed and we left the pinic, went home got our clubs and headed to a local course that we both liked to play. Two other players joined us at the number one tee box and we comenced our round. i played terrible on the front nine but my swing felt great and i striking the ball great but i just could not keep the ball on the green during my approach shots, the greens were extremely hard. We made the turn and went straight to number 10, a 140 yard par three up to an elevated green that is wide but very shollow in depth from back to front. The hole was playing at 127 from the markers so I drew an 8 iron due to the elevation and not wanting to draw the ball to hard. I was second to tee off, I took my usual half practice swing, checked my grip and hit. I watched the ball for about 3/4 of its flight knowing that I had plenty of distance and tracking straight at the pin I looked down to pick up my tee and one of our playing partners blurted out that my ball had struck the pin. I asked if anyone had seen the ball deflect to the left or right and they said no. My Father-In-Law and I got on the cart after everyone had finshed teeing off and proceeded to the green. When we got to the top, I instantly saw two of the four balls on the green. One of our playing partners was already on the green and I asked him where the other two balls were and he stated that one was off the backside where I could'nt see it, he asked me what I was playing and I told him a Titleist Pro V1 with two black dot's on it. He promptly walked to the pin and found my ball in the hole! I couldn't believe it, the ball had hit the side of the cup leaving a small indintation, hit the pin and dropped in the hole. I think everyone else was more excited than I was, I was a little shocked to say the least. I had five witnesses (our playing partners had their spouses with them) for the shot.

The best part of the shot was my Farther-In-Law being present, the military has kept me away from my mom and dad for the last 25 years and my dad is a 2 to 3 handicap golfer at 72. So, when I get to play with Family, it's a special time on the course, the Ace, made that round just a little bit better.

I love golf and wish I could play more, it is, the best sport in the world and I will forever be happy for what the game brings into my life.


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