Thanks to my wife

I had been bugging my wife to do an art piece for me related to my golfing and she had been stalling for about a year. Finally, I guilted her into it, saying that if she did it for me, it would probably inspire me and improve my game. Sweetheart that she is, she went ahead and made the picture for me (attached). I have to say it did inspire me! I was scheduled to golf with some friends from a supplier/partner and almost didn't go because I had a cold...but...well, you know, the weather was nice so why not? During an otherwise forgettable round, I drove up to #13 at Callippe Preserve (Pleasanton, CA) and took a moment to enjoy the scenery. The flag, in the back, measured to 154 yards. A L->R wind was blowing. I teed up my trusty ProV1x, grabbed my 9 iron, and hit a really nice shot, high and deep, just left of the flag. The wind dutifully moved the shot near the hole where it dropped 14 inches from the flagstick and had a soft and slow release right into the hole.


Bad news for my wife, though - now she has to commemorate my hole-in-one with another art piece :)

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