Scott Hutchison First Hole in One

I had spent the first 20 years of my career in the golf business. Starting at Flint Golf Club as a caddy and worked there all through Junior High and High School. I was lucky enough to work for Roger Van ***, who was the Head Golf Professional there and one of the 13 National Vice President's of the PGA. He talked with me about attending the PGM program at Ferris State. To make a long story shorter I worked my way through the golf industry and eventually became a National Sales Manager for in the golf industry.

My company relocated from the Detroit area to Greenville, South Carolina and the move was not right for my family. I had a successful career in golf and obviously very ingrained in the industry. After 38 years of golf at a high level this was my first hole in one and I made it at the very spot where I started my golf career.

I have been in medical sales now since the late 90's and I am now lucky enough to be a member at the place I started my golf career. The Assistant Golf Professional, Harry Barrett is still there getting ready to celebrate his 50th year at the club and has the Grill Room named after him.

It is a great place to be and I had the privilege of being in a foursome with some very good friends who enjoyed it almost as much as I did. (Maybe with the exception of losing the match). Although the shot never left the flag, we did not see it go in. The hole was sitting in a shadow in late afternoon and was not visible from the tee. As we approached the green there was no ball in sight so we knew it must have gone in. Thanks to Larry Nestor, Brian Hildebrand and Chris Cardenas for witnessing and being as fired up as I was to see the ball in the hole!!

I have played Titleist golf balls pretty much from day one. When new balls come out from other manufacturers I will try some of them out of curiosity. I always go back to the Titleist Pro V1x. Nothing compares to them when hitting pitch shots and putting. I know how the ball reacts when hitting irons into the greens and Titleist is still the best ball in golf.

Thanks for all the years of fun!!

Scott Hutchison

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  1. Dave D


    Congrats! Lots of great memories from playing Flint Golf Club in the late 70's and the 80's.  I taught in Birch Run with Harry's ex Sharon in the Phys Ed department. Played in a lot of Monday Pro ams with Mark Black. I just got my second ace a few weeks ago and used a Titleist ball and 8 iron for both. 33 years apart proving once again golf is a game for a lifetime!

    Dave D