Luck or skill

Luck or skill

Is a hole in one luck or skill? All day long I had been hitting my 913 driver dead solid perfect but my iron play was sloppy. Hook it, fade it, come up short, my Scotty saved my butt more than once today. I step up on the 16th tee coming off double bogey, 165 yards with a 20 MPH wind blowing right to left. I pick my 7 iron and know that I need to hit it flush to carry the bunker short. My swing is quick and I catch it thin, it comes out low and actually looks like its flighted like the pros, but I know better. It lands on the green and rolls to the middle flag. I got away with one I think walking to put my club back into my Titleist bag. On the green I don't see it, I think it must have rolled off the backside, REALLY I mutter to myself. My playing partner says look in the hole it was tracking and to my disbelief there she was my new ProVx , lucky number 7! The logo and the number are upside down and it reminds me of a smile as I take it from the hole. Thanks pop as I look to,the sky this Memorial Day, wish we could have played one more round together!

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