My first hole in one

My first hole in one

I was playing from the white tees at Windy Harbor Golf Club in Atlantic Beach, Florida at The Mayport Naval Base. I hit my 5 hybrid 143yards in to the hole!!! All of my foursome saw it roll in! We all celebrated like crazy! Even though I saw it roll in the hole, I was still in disbelief until I saw it in the hole!! My signature palm tree mark on my Titleist 3 DT Solo ball was face up!!

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6 Replies

  1. Don M

    I started playing at 62 and I had my first hole-in-one at 81 great thrill. The other three golfers were seasoned golfers and were very excited for me.

  2. William W

    Thought not possible. 67 years young. Knew from first flight, possible hole in one. Sure enough one hop, in hole. Must of been my PV-1.

  3. William W

    Never thought possible for me. 67 years young. Knew from contact, good shot. One bounce, in hole.

  4. Jeffrey S

    Congratulations, Jennifer! Hopefully the 19th hole didn't break the bank account.

  5. Michael M

    After playing for almost 25 yrs. I had my first hole in one at Crowders Mtn. Golf Course in Gastonia NC. On hole # 5 (the pit) !!)yds. with a gap wedge and a Pro V1.

  6. Sylvester M

    My first hole in one. Desert Falls CC in Palm Desert, CA. sixth hole 183 yds. I used a 17degree hybrd, it flew towards the green, bounced two times and rolled into the hole. My group and three other nearby groups went crazy! This was great. It felt good.