My First Hole in One

Playing golf with my good friends (eight of us) for a normal Friday outing. I hit a pretty 2 rescue shot into the wind. The green is just below a slight hill so you can't see it from the green. We all thought it was probably short in the front. I parked the cart behind the hole and was aggravated because I thought the ball must of bounced into the rough next to the green. I took my wedge and putter and walked the green to survey my next shot. I walked past the hole and looked down and saw a hole (Titlest) in the hole. I jumped back and yelled OHHHHH! I called my buddy Tony to examine the ball, I wasn't going to look. He picked it up and yelled its your Titlest with the black putting line. We all jumped at that time. It was great. It was even greater to share the experience with the others and the rest of the club at the nineteen hole.

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