Best day of golf ever

It was the last hole of the Toyota spring scramble. And in our foursome were my brother Jamie Hardin and close friend Chris Moore. We were having a sub par day at best. We stepped up to the last hole (# 15) and my brother said " alright we just need to hole out and we will finish 5 under. So jokingly is stepped on to the tee box with my 8- iron and Pro V1 and said no problem I got this. Well I address the ball settle in and nail it. It seemed like the ball was in the air forever. My brother said" that looks good" then Chris said" I think that has a chance" I on the other and was frozen in my follow thru stance. It felt like and looked like a really good shot. Well it was , the ProV1 flew 155 yards from my 8- iron to pin high left by three feet, the ProV1 hit the green, no bounce and with alot of force spun to the right and into the bottom of the cup!! After that I was told by my brother that I ran about 50 yards over the hill and threw my club. But I'll have to take his word for it because I can't remember. My brother is affectionately called the freak because he drives the ball so well and accurate, so on the rare occasion I out drive him I let him know it which is always replied by him saying" nice shot but its the second one that counts" . Well on this day I got to look back at him and say" No no I believe it's the first shot that counts". That was the best day of golf for me by far!!! I just hope that Jamie and Chris get to experience a hole in one too!!!!!!

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