Second career ace

Hard to believe but after being an active golfer for the last 25+ years, within 16 months of getting my first ace I holed out for a second one! On May 17th, 2013 playing with a friend who belongs to Montgomery CC in Laytonsville, MD and two other friends we came up to the par 3, 14th hole. It was into a bit of a breeze and we lasered 143 yards to a front right pin. I selected an 8 Iron, gripped down a bit on the shaft, lined up and made my stroke. Immediately after contact I complained "Toed it a bit, git up git up" since it is all carry over a valley to the green and short is not the miss. Fortunately, my aim was correct because we all watched the ball cover the flag and when it landed it had carried onto the green right in front of the pin. It took one bounce, seemed to pause for a split second on the stick and then dropped out of sight. High fives were flying! It was great to be able to see both of my PRO V1x aces drop into the cup. Oddley enough, both were 8 Irons in breezes @ 144/3 yards respectively! Looking back on the stroke, had I pured it like my first ace, you wouldn't be reading this. Thanks for cavity backs!!!

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