After Trying for 49 Years

After Trying for 49 Years

After learning and enjoying the game of golf at age 8, I had come close many times to attaining the coveted ACE! Finally, at age 57, I finally did it after 49 years of trying! The Signature Hole #17 at The Walker Course, Clemson University was the spot. On a Golf Trip with 12 friends this Spring (from Florida, England,and Illinois)we would play three rounds of golf after our arrival in Atlanta, before heading to Augusta for the Masters 2013 opening practice round. The shot was one you dream about, a perfectly crisp 5-iron, ideal 175 distance for me, I felt the perfect Titleist compression off the club face, dead center hit, headed right at the hole on a slight fade, hit 6 feet under the pin, single bounce, hit left side of pin and spun around to the right side, staying pinned between the pin and cup. We could still see the ball from the tee, range finders came out for a better look, is it in or not! One said it was a foot away, another stated it was in, not sure though! I thought yet another close call. When we drove down to the green, our playing partners beat me to the hole signalling it was in! I was thrilled beyond belief, grabbed my camera, high five's, took some photos before leaning the pin to allow the ball to drop making it official! We would celebrate afterwards making this the story of the trip! After coming close many times over the years, I experienced the coveted ACE, finally - after 49 years of trying! I will continue to play Titleist Pro V1's as I have for the past many, many years, hoping the next one takes less time than the first!

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