My First Hole In One by William Allred

My First Hole In One by William Allred

I have played this game of golf for 41 years. I started the game at age 12 in a small town of Big Lake Texas. I have been in love with the game and have played all over the United States. I have been very close to a hole in one many times but could never get the ball to fall. I was playing golf with two of my buddies, Rob Barnhill and Jim Morgan. a group ahead of us allowed us to play through on the 11th hole at the Fairway Course at Abilene Country Club. The 11th hole has always been a difficult hole to judge distance. With a group of 7 people watching, my thought was to strike the ball solid. I made a great swing and struck a solid shot with a hybrid club. Tthe ProV1 was right at the flag the entire way;it hit and then disappeared. My two buddies, Rob And Jim both thought it went in. I went up to the hole and the ball was sitting nicely in the cup. It was a beautiful day with great friends. A very nice memory for my first hole in one. Looking forward to the next one, hope it does not take another 41 years:)

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