Troby hole in one

I am not a good golfer by any means. I wasn't playing very good but I was on a trip with one of my close friends to just play golf and relax. We were playing our second round of the day at Tour 18 in Dallas Texas. I was playing with my friend, a friend of his from the area, and a fourth guy who just joined us. We arrived at number 9 on this course which is a replica of #17 at TPC Sawgrass. The island green. At 135 yrds I was the first of our group to tee off. There was a back left pin placement that day. I lined up left side and told one guy I was lining up with the water on the left. The ball flight started ledt out over the water and had a slight fade. We all watched as the ball hit softly and angled right into the hole. It was surreal. The fourth guy started yelling like he was calling a soccer match. It's in it went in the hole. We drove the cart up and took a lot of pictures there was a lot of shouting and jubilation from our whole group. Being hole 9 on this course it came right up to the club house and the re were at least a dozen people who saw it. Just a great feeling and a great day.

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