I bet you a dollar its in the hole

I bet you a dollar its in the hole

While playing with the head pro and 2 assistants at the course I work at we came to the 188 par 3 second. The pin was tucked back right and playing 207. The flag stick was in view but the hole itself was just over a ridge so we couldn't see the bottom. I first reached for my Hybrid but knew long was dead and a hook(my hybrid miss) was dead so I opted to play a hooded 5 iron draw and at worst come up short but still on the dance floor. I took my swing and pured the ball, it had a beautiful high draw and worked its way back to the stick. We saw it hit on top of the ridge but then it disappeared over so we knew it looked good but were not sure of the result. When we got to the green I said to my partner "crap, I guess I rolled off the back" I walked to the green with two wedges in hand and another playing competitor said, "there is your divot, I bet you a dollar its in the Hole" Seeing the mark 8 yards short and slightly left of the pin I figured it took some draw spin further left and deep off the green but just in case I walked up and looked in the hole. Sure enough there was my Titleist ProV1X #3 in the bottom of the Jar!!! It was my first hole in one and it couldn't have come on a better hole. Nothing Cheap About it!

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