After 55 Years

After 55 years, I finally got a hole in one. The hole was a short hole only playing 119 yards from the whites. I was the third to hit in our threesome. The hole had a sand trap right in front of the green with a big lip raising about 4 feet so that hole situated directly behind the trap could not be seen. The first person hit. It was right on track and looked as though it would be right next to the hole. I commented that it could be in. The second person hit their shot and again it was right at the pin. It looked a little long and we saw it roll to the back of the green. I hit next and again the flight looked great. My partner said that it could be really close. As we approached the green, we saw two balls at the back of the green so I walked over to the hole and looked in. Sure enough, there was a ball in the hole. I also my partners what type of ball that they hit. I was hitting a Titleist 3 and they confirmed that they had found their balls. A HOLE IN ONE.

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