The SHot

On a wet Monday we headed to our scramble tournament hoping that the rains we had been having would stay away long enough for us to get in our scramble golf tournament.
We teed off on hole 10 and even though a bit windy we were happy just to be out golfing.
When we got to the 17th hole we couldn't believe how long a shot they had set up and where the pin was on the green.
This was only the 3rd time I had ever played this course and no one had a rangefinder so we had to guess at the yardage.
I was the last to hit and my playing partners had come up short with 3 & 5 woods.
There was a little wind in our face and the greens were a little wet so I decided to choke down a driver.
After my normal routine my only thought was to just get it on the green, and moments later we were watching a small miracle as the ball hit bounced twice ,rolled and dove into the hole.
The 2 witnesses at the green jumped out of their chairs and confirmed what we had all seen and we all were jumping around and high fiving.
Then one of my fellow golfers gave me the second piece of great news not only had I hit my first hole in one in playing for 40 years but I also had just won a car!!
So don't ever give up miracles do sometimes happen.
Bill Barrow

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