One Time

One Time

Playing at my golf club (Lake Shore CC, Glencoe, IL) last Friday, June 28, with my little buddy, Jack Schenk, I finally went ahead and made my first ace.

We had just played the Par5 13th hole which I hit my second shot, a 3-wood, just past the pin on the fringe. I left the putt for eagle 3 feet short, made the putt for bird.
After I missed the putt, I told Jack that I've had a bunch of putts for eagle this year, but haven't been able to drop one. On the Par5 13th hole alone, I've had about 8 or 9 eagle putts this season, some as short as 6 feet, but haven't been able to make any.

Anyway, on to the 14th hole, a short Par3 which can play anywhere from 95 yds-135 yds depending on the pin placement (from our Black Tees). Friday, the pin was back left, I measured it at 131.8 yards (accuracy provided by Leupold).

I grabbed my pitching wedge and 9-iron and walked back to the tee box. I had the wedge in my hand, but was seriously considering the 9. The weather was hot (around mid 80's) which gave the wedge the nod, but the distance to the pin, and the slight breeze, coupled with the fact that the shot required me to carry the ball all the way to the back of the green, had me thinking 9. I just switched irons a couple of weeks ago to the new irons, and I've been hitting them longer than my previous irons, so I went with the wedge.

I struck the ball, and as the ball set sail towards the green with a high, tight draw, I said "I can't hit my wedge any better than that." The ball bounced about 3 feet in front of the pin, hopped, landed, and then it looked like it spun a little and then disappeared! What an awesome feeling! We both went a little nuts! For a second or two, I thought there was a possibility that it was over the green, and until I walked up to the hole and saw my Titleist ProV1, Limited Edition Pink #2 ball resting inside the hole, I wasn't certain I really, truly had done it! In my heart I knew it was in, but my head still had its doubts!

I can't tell you how cool it felt in words! I have played a lot of rounds of golf in my day, and have hit a lot of great shots that I really thought had a chance to go in. I've left the ball on the edge of cups with almost no space in between the ball and the hole, hit pins, lipped out, etc.


To anyone out there that has not had an ace yet, keep trying! It'll come...when all the stars are aligned, and you do everything right, the hole will get in the way!

Jon Glossberg

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