66 years to make first hole in one and 3 years to make my second

It was our 3rd hole which is a 138 yard par 3. I hit a 7 iron which looked good all the way, but because the front of the green is protected by two bunkers none of us could not see the hole or the ball go in. When we drove up to the green I initially thought that I had rolled off the green to the right. My golf partner, Mike Simon, said the he thought it was in the hole. I walked up to the hole and there it was at the bottom of the cup! I now have my second Hole-in-one!! It took me until age 66 to make my first hole-in-one and less than 3 years to make the second.

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2 Replies

  1. pulplvr

    I don't think that's such a long time, unless you've been playing since you were born.  My first came after over 55 years of playing golf and I'm still waiting for #2.  Keep at it though, and you'll continue to enjoy this wonderful game of ours.  And of course, continue to rely on those Titleist balls.

  2. pulplvr

    Congrats on #2, jimc48.  While your title is a bit misleading, making your second within three years is never a bad sign.  May you have more in your continuing golf life.