Fantastic Day

The weather was great, just perfect for Golfing. We teed off at 8am, shot gun style on hole number 7, had a bogey. I shook the bogey off, had a few pars on the way and by the time we reached number 14 had another par. Yessss!!! HOLEIN on 15, Birdie 16, ended the day on a good note, with a few more pars on the turn.
Number 15 is uphill, one can only see the top of the Flag, I used my PW instead of the SW, when my team mates, Al, Ron and Ralphie reached the hole, we saw three balls on the green, but the fourth, my ball could not be seen. Ron went looking in the hole and shouted, here is your ball Frank, it's in, we have a Hole In On, you have a Hole In One! Our team have a hole in one, that is a lot of points.
Both My wife and I now have holes in one!

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