Tee shot wonder

Just another day, go to the course and take my swings. My round had been uneventful, one bogey and two pars. I arrive at the fourth tee box and walk to the tips, I was joined by another nameless member I had never played with before. We introduced ourselves and I aimed for the flag pole.

The flag pole was slightly south and west of the tee box, this meant once again driving my tee shot over the corner and apartments. Two waggles and then the familiar sound of my Titleist driver, I raised my head in time to see my Titleist Pro V1 sail over the apartments in the direction of the fourth green.

My nameless partner exclaimed, "Thats got to be on the green!!!" he then hit his tee shot and off we went in search of our tee shots. His in the fairway, a wedge shot away, mine not to be seen. I searched around the green, in the bunkers and around the fence. I was about to drop and my partner walked on the green to mark his ball, he then approached the flag, looked in and pulled my ball out. The rest is history, i went on to shoot my first round ever to break 80 with a 78. Thank You Titleist...

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