My Ace

My Ace

This was my first ace. I played at Meadow Gardens Golf Club near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada on the 10 of July 2013. I usually play Titleist Pro V1 balls, but on this day I didn't have a single one in my bag. On my second shot off the 3rd Fairway I hit it left into the rough but instead of finding my own ball, I found a Titleist Pro V1 that someone had lost. So I started playing it from that hole onwards. I made a double bogey on the 3rd hole, and my day wasn't going that well. Then I got to the 150 Yard Par3 13th hole. I hit an 8 Iron and the ball flight was perfect, starting out towards the right edge of the green and drawing towards the pin. It landed about 6ft to the right and 10ft short of the pin, checked up a little and rolled into the cup! The trajectory and spin characteristics of these Pro V1's are just amazing!

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