Profitable hole in one

Playing in the Pine Castle charity event at San Jose Country club in Jacksonville, FL on July 8, 2013. Came to the 15th hole and noticed there was prize of $25000 for an ace, prize to be split between Pine Castle and the player. I had played San Jose as a member for many years, saw the pin was on the left size and the distance was 187 yards. I was thinking, I'm due for an ace, haven't had one in over 22 years, thinking this is the perfect distance for my 3 hybrid with a slight left to right. Hit the shot just the way I wanted and said this is going to be close to my partners. Saw it land in line with the pin, but could not see the roll. The two women "witnesses," were parked in a cart under a tree about 50 yards away from the green and they had no reaction. Got up to the green and my partner looked and said "did you just win $12,500?" Saw the ball mark in line with the flag and no ball. Went to the hole and called the "witnesses" and said I just made a hole in one. Called the pro shop immediately, while the "witnesses" thought the ball went over the green.

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