Best witnesses for my First Ace

Best witnesses for my First Ace

I was playing with my two adult sons as we have done often. I played first and hit a sweet shot into the rising sun. As you can see from the photo, the shadow was coming directly at us which made it difficult to see the landing. My oldest asked, "did that go in?" I told him that if it didn't, it should have, but still could not see the ball. My other son hit his shot directly pin high but three feet left. We could see his ball and now wondered why my was not visible despite viewing from all angles along the tee box. The eldest son then hit a couple of feet further left and 10 yards long, which was also visible from the tee. As we approached the green we could see my pitch mark directly on the shadow of the flagstick but still no ball. We were robbed of a tee-box celebration, but managed some enthusiasm as we found my ball lying in the hole.

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