The Ace That Won The Scramble

Two team, seven person scramble tournament on our annual cabin trip to northern Minnesota. Location: Blueberry Pines Golf Club, Menahga MN. I was in the second tee time, in the group of three. we were down one stroke going into hole #17. the group in front stopped after 17 to watch and play a joint 18. I was first on the tee, and after being interrupted by a group on an adjacent hole i fired away. hit my 9 iron at the listed 135 yard par 3, which was actually about 125 yards. the ball had a lower trajectory but was tailing right at the flag. it hit short of the green bounced twice and then rolled into the cup. the group waiting for us to get to 18 saw the entire shot. when they went nuts, we went nuts and the other group that previously interrupted us went nuts as well. still stunned that it actually happened! The ace put us up a stroke from 2 back and we tacked on another stroke on 18 to win! What an amazing day of golf.

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