I tee'd off with my buddy Jim and my match play (handicap division) opponent Brent. I had to give him 5 strokes. We got to the 3rd hole, and I was down one already. The ball that I aced it with was hit into the water on #2, but with the help of my buddy Jim, he held my hand as to not fall into the lake while successfully retrieving my ball. It was that same ball that I tee'd up on hole #3. 140 yards, no wind, middle pin...grabbed my nine iron and placed my proV1 on my LA DODGER tee. Ball was struck flush, baby draw, and it waived "ha ha" over the same pond it was just in...hitting the green about 5 inches to the left of the pin, then using the contour of the down-sloping green, my ball spun back into the cup! High 5's and some YEE-HA'S followed! I let me opponent Brent pick up his birdie attempt :)
But there is more to this story...being that this was my first HOLE-IN-ONE, I continued to play with the same ball. (YEAH...I KNOW...I SHOULD PROBABLY PUT THAT BALL IN MY BAG!!) Not me... the next hole, had an O.B. left, #1 handicapped hole par 5 up the hill... I birdied it! Next hole, par 5 down the hill....I birdied it! I was not even thinking about putting the ball away!! Get to hole #8, decent drive, but a bad lie... topped my ball, then hit my 3rd pin high but waaaay right onto #1 fairway. Having hit those UGLY LATERAL {SHANK} shots from there before, it was hard for me to not think of doing that again. Well, it wasn't a full shank, but I still managed to send my ACE ball into the canyon that welcomes golfers to the #9 tee-box. :( After my match, (which I lost) I went back to look for my ball. I got scratched up, I slipped around, but luckily didn't tumble into the canyon...and after about 30 minutes of searching, NO LUCK! :( But...yeah...I know that you know what I'm going to say...I got my ACE, I got my witnesses...and I got off easy as the course was pretty empty and had a bar tab of ONLY $20 (and I did most of the drinking!)

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