Lucky Day

I haven't used a Titleist ball all summer since I had so many of other brands. But, this morning I'm playing in the semi-finals of our club championship and thought I would break out a new sleeve thinking "...if I ever am going to play them, today couldn't be better." So we are going back and forth thru the match and I have had 3 birds so far and go into 18 all square. Our 18th is a 180 par three and so I have the 5 out, change to a 4 since I wanted to be sure to make the green and not lose the match. So what happens? I hit a low fade (I'm left handed) and the ball checks once and dives firmly into the hole! My opponent gasps and states he' s never ever seen a hole-in-one and now has mixed feelings having lost the match and seeing an ace! I can't believe the ball bit so hard and dove in the hole - just incredible!! Yeah, I'll be playing the pro-v more regularly now, starting with Finals match tomorrow!


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