Wow unbelievable hole in one

Wow unbelievable hole in one

I work with a couple of pretty avid golfers. i haven't played in well over 2years and before that in my on and off again have never had a score under 90. am a lefty so it's have the difficulty with clubs etc.

The guys talked me into taking an afternoon off to go play Red Wolf golf resort in huffman, tx (north of houston). Well after a week of rain, of course it was a 100 degrees and humid.

i was worn out already and having lost about 10 balls at this point, saw the 16th hole. Digging in my bag i found a Titlest DT Spin with a Mission hills logo I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I asked how far, Bill said, "153". I went up to the teebox and of course wouldn't you know it, water protecting the entire green. okay, i said i'm going to have a tin cup moment here and i will get over the water. grabbed what i thought was my 9 iron. and waited for my friends john and bill to hit the ball. walked up, put the ball on the t and had what i thought was a solid hit. the ball stayed pretty low. I was happy i made the green. My friend Bill was watching and got excited that it went in. I said no way and continued to the cart. As i was walking back to the cart John asked, "what did you hit" and i said, "pretty sure a 9", then i looked at the club and it was my pitching wedge. I informed John and he said, "nice shot, you hit it well and it was your best shot of the day." I told them it probably rolled off the back. My cartmate and friend John said it may be in Rob. I said, nope rolled off the back or something.

As we arrived at the green, i looked over and saw only 2 balls on the green. ***, i thought to myself, i am foraging again. Grab my lob wedge and headed out to look for the ball.

Bill who was convinced it was in the hole, went up and look in and called me up to look. Well low and behold it was in the hole.

Bill took a picture of me at the hole. it was a great moment for me. especially as i am not a regular golfer. it has made me want to start playing regularly again.

I know that that DT Spin probably did quite a bit in helping me and i don't even know if it is still made. but i will be keeping this one.

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