My First Hole In One

I had my first hole in one on the same day that Phil Mickelson won The Open Championship, so it was a really good day all around.

I play out of Presidents Golf Course in Quincy, MA. I've been a member there for about 5 years. It's a challenging little course that's quite hilly, with some great views overlooking Boston.

The thirteenth hole is a challenging uphill par 3, with the wind usually in your face teeing off. On this day, the pin position was in the back right of the green. All the pin positions this weekend were difficult, as the Men's Club Championship was being played.

I hit a 7 wood from the tee, a good shot, that headed for the center of the green. I was happy with the shot, but thought that it might have rolled off the back of the green. Couldn't see my yellow DT SoLo when we got to the green. I started looking for the ball in the rough. One of my playing partners looked in the hole, and there it was! I was absolutely stunned, and a nervous happy wreck. First thing I did was call my husband. I'm not quite sure how I managed to finish the rest of the back 9, but I did, somehow.

I have to add that except for three new clubs, I have been playing with my late Father's Spalding Executive woods and irons, which I believe he purchased in the mid 1970s. I also use his very old, very battered, but much loved Tommy Armour putter. I had the woods refinished last year and love them to bits.

I'd like to think that both my late parents (who were golfers as well) were watching Phil win The Open and their daughter getting her first hole in one at the age of 64.

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