My first hole in one

My first hole in one

The shot was incredible. It looked perfect and high. It went directky into the hole without touching the stick .It was the number 2 hole @ Thunderbird Hills golf course in Huron Ohio.I like the pro v 1's and will definitely purchase more of these balls.

Thank you Titlest for being the premier golf manufacturer.

Bruce Schaefer

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  1. Roy R

    I've waited 47 years for this incredible event to happen and on July 24, 2013 it finally did.  Hobbitts Glen Golf Club (Columbia, MD) Hole #5 (Par 3...165 yds.)

    I used a 6 iron and when I hit it I thought, that was pretty good and it just so happened that 2 players in front of me leaving the green watched it go in and yelled to me "It went in".  Of course I thought they were joking, so when I got to the hole I saw the ball in the hole and could not believe it.  Can't wait for the next one and hope it's not 47 years.