The hole in one that almost did not happen

It was a hole in one that almost didn't happen. My son was just getting over a virus and I was thinking that I should just go home after work and spend the afternoon with him. My wife called and said that our son was doing great and to go ahead and golf. I called my buddy last minute and told him that my wife gave me the go ahead and we would play wherever he wanted. We finally got to the course and got to the 4th hole. The hole usually plays anywhere from 130 to 145 depending on tee and pin placement. The green is a little elevated so any pin placement in the center or back is tough to see. My wife calls as we are putting on the 3rd hole to tell me how our son is doing. As we are talking, I am doing the classic "ok ok ok" routine knowing that it was my turn to hit. As I get up to hit, I rush through my routine and take a swing. The shot is straight but wasn't as solid of contact that I was used to. As the ball kept going, it was staying on track and I began thinking that this was going to be a great shot. As the ball hit, I could see one bounce and then I lost sight of the ball. I looked at my partner that I was playing with and asked him what he thought. He had the same thought that I initially had... that the ball probably rolled off because it wasn't the high shot that I would tend to hit. Of course being the great friend that he was, he decided to take forever to hit his shot (which ended up 50 yards right anyways) and proceeded to drive slowly up the hill. The whole ride up the hill, I was giddy thinking that I may have done what I thought was the impossible.

When we were finally up the hill, I could see my ball mark barely a half an inch to the right of the cup. The sight of that ball mark left me deflated thinking that he was probably right and it rolled off. I kept thinking there was zero chance that my ball would check left and hit the pin. I grabbed my lob wedge and my putter and began the walk to the cup just in case the ball was in there. As I tip-toed to the cup, I peeked over the cup and saw the unthinkable. The feeling of leaning over and seeing that Pro-V1x just sitting in that cup was one of the greatest feelings in the world. The scream that I let out left no doubt to anyone on the course that I had done it. The pure joy of looking in that cup made me not even want to pick the ball up. I wanted to cherish it for as long as possible.

The excitement of the shot trickled of course to the next hole. All I could think about was that moment of creeping over the hole and seeing that ball. As I got ready to hit my driver shot, I put the ball on the tee and began my swing not realizing that the ball I just put down was that same ball that every person should save after a hole in one. The look on my face after hitting that ball off the tee must have been telling because my friend started laughing knowing exactly what I had done. Lucky enough, the ball was in play and thus retired forever. Something that I can always show to people. Something that I can pass down to my son and show that with hard work and a lot of luck, something special can happen.

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