Tahoe Hole In One

At our Tahoe Golf Course, Old Brockway GC (Historic Old Brockway Golf Course at the Lake, established 1924 where the first Bing Crosby Celebrity golf tournament was played), I played with my husband and 2 other friends. On the 3rd hole, which is a par 3, 180 white and 160 for me, my friend almost put it in the hole from the tee box and the ball settled 2 feet from the hole. I hit and landed short of the green but the ball bounced up and towards the flag but no one could see where it settled. As we approached the green, my friend who almost put his ball in the hole, marked his ball and while fixing his divot said "hey, there is a ball in the hole and pulled it out." I said, "that is my ball." I identified it with my 'red' markings. It was amazing since I made a Hole In One on the same hole last year and the owner of the golf course said this is the hardest par 3 to make a hole in one - their signature hole of the course! WOW!!!

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