2 holes in one in the same round

On July 8 I was playing a round of golf with my 81 year old father(who taught me the game), my 16 year old son (who I am teaching the game to) and my nephew. I have been golfing for 35 years and have never had a hole in one yet,although coming very close several times. I ended
that streak on the 4 hole a 138 yard par 3 at Donnybrook Country club. I proceeded to celebrate and high five my playing partners. Approximately 20 minutes later I teed off on the 348 yard par 4 sixth hole which has the most difficult turtle shelled green on the course. After my playing partners hit there approach shots we proceeded to look for my ball for several minutes, not able to locate it my nephew asked if I had checked the hole, in which I replied, "Are you crazy? I just had my first ace in 35 years do you really think I can do it again especially on a par 4 with the craziest green?" Well I cautiously approached the hole knowing that if the ball was actually in there I had just accomplished something I never dreamed possible and had never heard done before. The ball was in the hole and my partners and I went crazy. The local paper, The Berkshire Eagle, has written a great article on this event and the last 2 weeks have been amazing with people who both know and don't know me offering their congratulations, high fives and handshakes. The country club where it happened has given me a complimentary membership for the remainder of the golf season which is great seeing how I don't belong to a club. But I must admit that the best part of this whole experience was getting to share it with the man that taught me how to play golf and my son who is learning the game from the both of us.

I am a once a week player who is not a member of a golf course, I am between a 6-8 handicap and have never taken a golf lesson and absolutely love the game of golf (when I'm playing well).

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