Hole-in-one stories

Mark This Off My Bucket List

August 30th, 2013:It was a beautiful morning and prior to starting our round, I had given a member of our foursome an inexpensive pull cart because he did not have one. On the 142 yard 7th hole, we all teed off and I hit my shot over a front right bunker guarding the green. I new I hit it well, but couldn't see where my ball ended up as the back part of the bunker was raised and blocked my view of the green. When we walked up to the green, everyone else found their balls but mine was nowhere to be seen (we've all experienced that). After checking the rough to see that my ball didn't roll off the green, I decided to look into the hole. We've all done that too hoping, just maybe..... Well, this time to my surprise, there was my ball in the cup. Yeaaaa! Now that's good Karma if I ever seen it. Do something nice for others and the mighty lord returns the favor!

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Aced it

In my 21 years in my golf league, there were only two hole in one's before mine, which occurred at about 6:00 PM EDST on August 14th, 2013. I used a Titleist Pro V1 and my 4 iron on the 178 yard 14th hole at Hickory Hollow in Macomb, Michigan.

This was my first hole in one, my first eagle, and only the second time I landed this green this season. The ball hit a few feet in front of the pin and disappeared. We thought it had rolled off the back of the green as it usually does on this hole. When we drove up to the green and didn't see a ball, I started to think I may have actually made a hole in one. Sure enough, when I checked the hole, my ball was there!

Hope I get to experience this feeling again!

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My I st Hole in one at Cobbs Creek

It was a beautiful 5 iron the never left the flag on the 187 yard 8th hole at Cobbs Creek. It disappeared at the flag and we were not sure if it went in or went over the green since the hole was only 6 yards from the back of the green.

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First Hole in One

The hole was 138 yard par 3. We had a head win in our face about 15-20. I jumpeded three clubs and played it back and layed off it. The best shot I have ever hit and it hit 6 inches left of the stick, bounced forward and spun back into the hole!!!!! Best day ever!!!!!

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Amazing hole in one

Was playing at the OAKS Country Club in Tulsa Okla. on Thursday August 29,2013. On number 6, playing 156 yards using a nine iron and a Pro V1x. The ball went straight in the hole,slam dunk. Couldn't believe it!! Felt better than I could have imagined. Awesome

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