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I was playing in a Canongate League match. It had been seriously raining all morning, but when my opponent and I decided to tee off and fight through the showers the rain stopped. I was playing pretty good with all pars and one bogey. I stepped up to the 7th hole and remembered thinking to get it close I have to spit that trap in half with a slight draw. I even told my opponent, who had never played the course, that very fact. It was playing 159 with a very slight breeze to help. I hit a 7 iron dead flush. The ball hit, bounced 3 feet, slammed on the brakes, and rolled one foot into the hole. I actually thought it had rolled behind the pin. My opponent and a golf course attendant who was standing there watching kind of went crazy and were screaming, "Hole in one". I really didn't get too excited until I pulled the ball out of the cup.

Now here is the crazy thing. I play a regular group on Tuesdays. The best golfer in our group made his 11th hole in one on Tuesday; my hole in one was on Wednesday; and a third regular in our Tuesday group aced one on Thursday. All three had witnesses. What are the odds of three guys that play in the same foursome on a regular basis, making hole in ones, 3 days in a row?????

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